Pasha & Bletter. Creating. Events.

Itai Pasha and Udi Bletter have been playing music for over a decade in clubs, bars and unique events. It wouldn’t be an understatement to state that the pair is responsible for millions of waving hand ripping the air apart and to an ever-enthusiastic celebrators at weddings, parties and unique events
Their experience is rich and includes, among the rest, a radio show on the mythical 99fm radio station, service in a military band, conceptual and extraordinary weddings in Israel and abroad as well as festivals and unique productions.
In 2010, Itai and Udi formed the “Pasha & Bletter agency”, a supportive environment for artists and specialists in the world of festive events.
except for their known musical services, the duo is also involved in organizing and producing special events with the Tel-Aviv municipality (e.g, “white night”), the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia (e.g, “Student day” and “spring break - Eilat”) and with the Herzlia municipality (e.g, block parties)
Energy, exploding creativeness and high work ethics are just few of the many traits that Pasha and Bletter bring to every project. They approach every event with profound knowledge and always take the client into consideration, as evidenced by the many couples that have worked together with the pair, afterwards becoming their friends.
Itai and Udi, as a team or separately, know how to maximize the pleasure of the crowd and give everything they can in terms of heart and soul, to every client. Oh, and no worries, they don't get tired. Those who have hired the pair enjoyed seeing their loved ones have an amazing time on the dance floor, and most of them also winning two new friends.

The lives of Udi Bletter and Itai Pasha ran on strikingly parallel paths until they inevitably changed courses toward collision, resulting in the birth of one of the freshest, most interesting DJ duos Tel Aviv has seen.

As sons to musicians, both have been experimenting with various instruments from their early years.  Both have inherited the burning desire to create and experience music in excess of quality and quantity alike.  Udi's childhood memories include spending summers at the “Riviera” hotel in Eilat, watching his father jamming with jazz musicians from all over the world at the international jazz festival. Itai was playing his dad’s bass guitar in his elementary school shows and concerts and, by the fifth grade, he was already operating the school’s radio station.

Itai and Udi began DJ’ing (separately) in high school – by the age of 17, Itai was a resident of the university of Tel Aviv “dorm parties” and Udi was rocking prestigious private parties for people twice his age.
The third millennium caught Itai and Udi both juggling between several residencies in the finest lounges and dance bars in Tel Aviv, parties and, of course, the Israeli army mandatory service. By that time their lifelines intersect - Itai and Udi are fellow DJ's, both consumed by their passion for electronic music. After finishing the service, Itai is honing his skills while holding residencies in several places which cater to different crowds while Udi works as a DJ in the legendary “99 Escape” radio station. The repercussions of house music explosions hit the weddings in Israel and now weddings are practically mini-raves for friends and families - Udi quickly becomes a rising star of the “house weddings” scene.

Over the last few years Udi and Itai have been a staple of the local music scene, with residencies in Tel Aviv’s most successful Bars and clubs and countless events of various sizes under their belt the future looks bright as a strobe light for these two cats.